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Leading NLP Trainers on Five Continents have joined the IANLP.

Over the past 30 years, the IANLP trade name has come to represent high quality training. IANLP is committed to continuously strengthen and build upon this tradition. NLP teaching trainers with high ethical standards and superior training quality are eligible to be designated ‘Fellow Member Trainer IANLP’. Fellow Member Trainer IANLP is the only member level at the IANLP. We do not offer any other member levels.


Become a ‘Fellow Member Trainer IANLP’ and count on the following benefits:

  • demonstrate to your clients that your work meets internationally recognized quality standards.
  • issue certificates to your clients that are recognized worldwide
  • become distinguished from NLP questionable providers that lack in both professional and ethical standards
  • become embedded in a global network of high quality trainers
  • benefit from internationally recognized reliable standards and regulations for both trainers and students.

Trainers interested in certifying under the Seal of the IANLP are invited to contact IANLP at Choose among the folllowing options:

  • You are a Fellow Member of the IANLP in good standing. Please send us a copy of your latest IANLP-certificate. You will be issued an updated certificate and you are entiteled to order original sticker seals of the IANLP to certify your students.
  • You may apply to become a Fellow Member Trainer of IANLP by sending us your curricula vitae with copies of your NLP certifications and further required documentation.

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