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Criteria for Recognition as Fellow Member Trainer IANLP

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Are you interested to become a Fellow Member Trainer?

Please contact us via .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) at your early convenience. We have compiled an informative documentation which will support and guide you thru the application process.

Recognition as 'Fellow Member Trainer IANLP' requires the following documentation:

If you need support in your native language, please contact a Secretary Ambassador in your area and/or language.

Download Criteria of Recognition here.


Registration as applicant for recognition as a Fellow Member Trainer IANLP. The registration has to provide the following information (A) Copy of NLP Trainer IANLP certificate; (B) Date of first day of assistance (C) Intended duration of the assistance in days/hours (D) Name of Fellow Member Trainer who is in charge of the assistance. (E) Name of supervising professional (item 8 below).

The registration has to be submitted before the start of the assistance mentioned in item 3) below to the office of the IANLP. The receipt of the registration is confirmed. The registration is free of charge.


Personal study, experience

  1. Certification as NLP Practitioner, NLP Master and NLP Trainer IANLP, or equivalent NLP training by other standards that are accepted by IANLP.
  2. At least three years of experience in the field of NLP since assuming NLP Trainer training, and

  3. At least 20 hours of coaching/therapy (received, as a client/coachee) with an NLP Master or higher must be documented. These coaching sessions shall focus on personal growth issues (not issues arising out of the work as trainer and/or assistant). They are in addition to the coaching sessions included in the IANLP curricula.

  4. Assistance in NLP Trainings. Either (A) or (B) applies
    (A) Provide evidence of having assisted in both a complete NLP Practitioner and a complete NLP Master Training IANLP, or equivalent training by other standards that are accepted by the IANLP.

    (B) Note: If you are going to train/work in South America, Central America and/or one of the Balkan states the following applies in regards to 'Assistance in NLP Trainings':

    Provide evidence of having assisted in two (2) complete NLP Practitioner Training IANLP with more than one and less than five different FMTs and from different institutions (schools), plus one (1) assistance of a complete NLP Master Training IANLP. Plus at least 5 hours of supervision with a Secretary Ambassador of the IANLP.

    (A) and (B): These assistances must have started after completion of NLP Trainer training. A document signed by a Fellow Member Trainer IANLP is required. Said document has to confirm completion, duration, beginning and end of assistance. This training as an assistant shall be designed by a fellow member trainer and is expected to match his/her training emphasis.

  5. Provide evidence of having participated in at least 150 training hours of experiential learning  (in live on-site face-to-face group settings) in personal growth methods of their choice that are based on humanistic psychology. This includes among others, Gestalt therapy, Hypnotherapy, Family therapy, Client-cen­tered Counseling, or any other method that shares fundamental NLP-axioms. There must be training in Group dynamics and Supervision. There are no requirements in regards to the number of hours of training within a given modality.

  6. Knowledge of psychological literature in NLP-related fields. This can be acquired through a study of psychology, educational psychology, participation in continuing education events, workshops, congresses or in related field of study. At least 50 hours have to be documented.

    Professional experience:

  7. At least 300 hours of live teaching experience in adult education, in-house training, teaching expe-rience in public or private schools, or other comparable teaching experience, must be document-ed. Teaching experience in NLP trainings can be counted as follows: 2 hours teaching experience in NLP trainings is counted as 1 hour towards the fulfillment of this requirement.
  8. At least 12 hours of periodic supervision since assuming NLP Trainer training. This supervision shall focus the work as professional trainer and/or presenter and shall be provided by a supervising professional. The supervisor (i.e. Fellow Member Trainer IANLP and/or a professional supervisor) must be in an independent position of the Fellow Member Trainer who is in charge of the assistance. At least 50% of the supervisions have to be conducted face-to-face live on-site. Two sets of documents have to be submitted: (1) Attestation by supervisor (with individual session dates, duration in hours and 'live' or 'online' attested), and (2) written reflexion on the learnings (at least one reflexion paper per annum).

    Recommendation (network, quality, ethics):
  9. Sponsorship: Submission of letters of recommendation by three (3) Fellow Member Trainers IANLP (sponsors), confirming high quality adult training abilities and high ethical standards of the applicant. (NLP-Trainer Curriculum may serve as a guideline for this criterion).

Permission to use the Title 'Fellow Member Trainer IANLP'

Once the above criteria have been fulfilled, the Use Agreement and the Code of Ethics have been properly signed, the applicant can be given the permission to use the title 'Fellow Member Trainer IANLP'.

Valid as per January 1, 2001

Note: If you would like to become a Fellow Member Trainer IANLP but you cannot fulfill the above requirements please let us know. Maybe that grandparenting procedures apply to your country.
The purpose of grandparenting is to afford experienced trainers in countries where there are none or not enough Fellow Member Trainers IANLP yet, still to become a Fellow Member Trainer IANLP.

Download: Criteria Fellow Member Trainer IANLP (18 Kb)

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