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All Fellow Member Trainer IANLP are authorized to certify their nlp trainings with the seal of the IANLP.

Quality Assurance System

The unique inter-collegiate Quality Assurance System of the IANLP. With these quality ensuring regulations, which are mandatory for all Fellow Member Trainers IANLP (FMT), the IANLP seeks to promote professionalism and contribute to the continuous improvement of the services provided by the members. The guidelines define the minimum quality assurance measures to be fulfilled by each Fellow Member Trainer of the IANLP (FMT). Each FMT shall maintain a written Personal Quality Portfolio which builds the foundation for the Quality Development Meeting (QDM) that takes place every 3 years.

Periodical Reviews

The IANLP periodically reviews all nlp certification training programs offered by our Fellow Member Trainers IANLP. This assures the public that the stringent training requirements of the IANLP are met and furthermore assures our Fellow Member Trainers IANLP that their fellow colleagues adhere to the same quality training standards, so they can be proud of their association with the IANLP!

Guided by Trust - Our Most Important Asset and Value

In order to maintain our leading position among the standardizing organizations, the IANLP depends on the flawless behavior that warrants trust in the IANLP by each and every Fellow Member Trainer and Coach IANLP worldwide. Upon joining, each member signs the Declaration of Trust.

Honorable Members

Dr. Gundl Kutschera,

Gundl studied Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) in the very early days with the founders Richard Bandler and John Grinder. At that time she also studied gestalt therapy and systemic theory with Virginia Satir, hypno therapy with Milton Erickson and transactional analysis. In 1982 she was working as a NLP teaching trainer in John Grinders team in Chicago and Califorina. She was amongst the very first to introduce NLP to the European market and she's been a strong NLP networker ever since.

Terrence McClendon MA,

portrait Terry McClendonTerrence is one of the founding contributors to NLP dating back to 1972 when the original group met in Santa Cruz. Since then he's been teaching NLP Practitioner, NLP Master, NLP Trainer and business and personal development applications of NLP throughout the world. He brought NLP to Australia in 1979, established the first NLP Membership organization in Australia called "The Australian Institute of NLP” and in 1981 taught Australia’s first NLP Practitioner training. Author of many books and listed on Global Top Gurus Top 30 for 2014 and 2016.


The directory lists members in the following order: Countries - Cities – IANLP membership according to seniority

Fellow Member Trainers are listed by their country of residence. If you want to know who is offering trainings in a certain country, you may also want to consult the trainings section.

If you cannot find a Fellow Member Trainer IANLP in the country of your choice (yet) we suggest reading our recommendations on How to Find Quality NLP Training in the faq's section.

! Fraud Alert !

Not everyone who claims to be associated with the IANLP International Association for Neuro-Linguistic Programming is legitimately connected.

With the success and extensiveness of the Fellow Member Trainers IANLP and the brand name 'IANLP' and its trademark around the planet, numerous people without a solid ethical foundation are falsely claiming to be associated with the IANLP.

Test for Authenticity: How do you find out who’s for real and who is a fraud? Go to and look at the Member’s List. If a person is not listed there, they are not licensed and recognized by the International Association for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. A special warning: The Domain (and others) has been monopolised by a person who is promoting low level trainings misusing the good brand name of the IANLP.

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