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Admission with a non-IANLP Certificate into the next Training Level

Q: I have a NLP Practitioner certficate that is not sealed with a seal of the IANLP. May I enter a NLP Mastertraining with IANLP certfication?

A: The completion of an IANLP certification level can only take place when the IANLP certificates for the preceding level are present.

Thus, while Fellow Member Trainer (FMT) are certainly entitled to set their own admission criteria, upon the completion of such training IANLP certification can only take place once a student can produce a IANLP certificate for the preceding certification level.

Please ask your FMT IANLP for post-certification of your NLP Practitioner certificate that is issued from another training provider not qualified by the IANLP. These guidelines (Procedure for Granting Equivalency) apply and this checklist might be useful.

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