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Frequently Asked Questions

Accelerated Learning

Accredited Training - Are there any for NLP?

Admission into the Consecutive Training Level

Admission with a non-IANLP Certificate into the next Training Level

Assisting in NLP Practitioner and NLP Master training

Attendance and Missing Training Hours

Can I Become a Member of the IANLP?

Certificates: Rules for attaching IANLP seals onto Trainers own standard certificates

Certification by Standards other than the IANLP

Certification: Offering Multiple Certifications within the same Training

Certification/Diploma for Short-term Trainings

Complaint / Grievance Procedure

Coronavirus Pandemia - Extraordinary Measures

Curricula: Hour = 60 Minutes

Curricula: Master - Five Coaching Sessions

Curricula: Master - Supervision

Curricula: Out of School Training - What is this?

Curricula: Testing Design

Curricula: The Myth of Quality without Quantity

Curricula: Training design

Curricula: Training Hours - How to count ‘out-of-school training’

Curricula: Training Hours and Days - How Are They Counted?

Curricula: Why is it 18 days?

Difference between Attestation of Attendance and a Certificate IANLP

Does NLP Training Constitute a State or Federal License for Counseling?

E-learning / Distance Training (Attendance in Training)

Ethics: On the Issue of Interpersonal Manipulation

Fees: Costs and Acceptable Currencies for the Services of the IANLP

History of IANLP

History: Ethical aspects of NLP training and the IANLP

May I Teach NLP?

Supervision - What is Supervision?

Titles: How to Distinguish Between NLP Trainer and Fellow Member Trainer?

Training: How to Find Quality NLP Training

What Can I Do With a NLP Practitioner Certificate?

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