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English Registered Curricula

Advance Graduate Certificate in NLP

Country: Australia
School/Company: nlpaustralia
Duration: 43 Days Training, including 35 days face to face training 4 days external practice works-heets and 4 days external modelling project.
Prerequisites: No prerequisites required.
Contents: This training program combines nlp.australia’s NLP Practitioner, Master Practitioner and Ericksonian Hypnosis training plus additional out-of-class work exercises and a ‘State of the Art’ be-havior modeling project.  It is a practical and comprehensive training program for those people who want advanced NLP skills for application in areas such as Counseling/Coaching, Education, Sports and Business. The uniqueness of this training is derived from its trainer, Terrence McClendon, whose comprehensive understanding of NLP spans 30 years and his experience encompasses many cul-tures, countries and working environments.  The course’s strengths are in teaching the micro skills that make a difference to achieving success.
Examination: Written and practical evaluations will be given to students in the middle and end of the training course.
Certificate: On successful completion of this training course participants will be given an Advanced Graduate Certificate in NLP (including NLP Practitioner IANLP and NLP Master IANLP certificates as well).
Qualifications of the teaching faculty: The principal trainer will be Terrence McClendon MA. Terrence

  • has a Masters degree and is a registered psychologist
  • trained for 10 years with the developers of NLP in the 1970's and  consequently is in a unique position to know how and why techniques and skills were developed
  • has 30 years experience applying NLP
  • is a Master Trainer in NLP and Fellow Trainer with the IANLP
  • has mentored special needs children in the USA secondary school system
  • has traveled the world teaching NLP across many cultures and religions
  • has conducted corporate training in many major industries
  • is the author of 2 books on NLP and the developer of LifeSet, a personality assessment tool.

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Coaching Academy for NLP Coach certification

Country: Serbia, Bosnia, Montenegro
School/Company: MyNLP
Language of training: Serbian (English interpreters on demand), English
Duration: 18 days, 145 hours including supervision; for IANLP Coach certification 90 hours of individual learning activities is also required
NLP-Master IANLP is a prerequiste to enter the training
Further prerequisites: 25 years of age; at least 2 years between admission to NLP Practitioner and NLP Coach certification
Professional identity of the coach (role definition, function, goals, self – consciousness, integrity, ethics, mindset, coaching state,
Framework conditions of the coaching process  (six levels of coaching, executive coaching – three sided coaching, team coaching, life coaching, entrepreneur coaching, manager as coach; establishing suitable settings and atmosphere, coaching process and session frames)
Advanced NLP coaching sessions (first coaching session frame, creating coaching relationship, mapping clients inner world, powerful questions, next sessions frame, last session frame)
Advanced NLP coaching for specific issues (setting goals, preparing for important events, dealing with conflicts, challenging relationships, resolving past troubling events, overcoming negative states, developing leadership and creativity, discovering a mission in life, resolving inner conflicts, finding new way of being, resolving issues such as weight loss, smoking, anxiety, sport results)
Introduction to coaching with other methods (transactional analysis, coaching psychology, TCI, CBT in coaching, Team coaching with POY, conflict management, psychoanalytic influenced coaching)
Examination: Written essay on personal coaching profile and concept as well as self - assessment of learning and individual reflexion, three cases documented
Certificate: NLP Coach with MyNLP seal. The original seal of the IANLP may be fixed onto the certificate together with the following sentence "This curriculum has been submitted to IANLP - Submission-No.",
Qualifications of the teaching faculty: IANLP Fellow Member Trainer and IANLP Coach, Master NLP Trainer IN
Submission No.:


Curriculum Coach IANLP

Country: various countries accross the globe
Language of training: offered in various languages

The designation Coach IANLP refers to coaching professionals with several years of successful practice that is based on expert knowledge of the various methods and approaches to coaching.

With copy of the certificate 'Coach IANLP' a coach may apply for entry into the international coach IANLP registry on the website of the IANLP. A coach may be registered in as many countries as he/she likes. Each entry will be charged the annual maintenance fee.

„Coach IANLP“ certificates may be issued by licensed Fellow Member Trainers IANLP (FMT) to qualified NLP-Master IANLP practitioners who fulfill the requirements (see 'curriculum coach' below). Please contact a Fellow Member Trainer IANLP of your choice and ask for certification on level Coach IANLP.

Download: Curriculum Coach (63 Kb)
Example Coach IANLP Certificate (10 Kb)
Application form: Entry into Coach IANLP registry (103 Kb)

LAB Profile Consultant/Trainer Certification

Country: Europe, America, Asia
School/Company: Success Strategies /Stratégies de réussite, Shelle Rose Charvet, 1264 Lemonville Road, Burlington, ON Canada L7R 3X5, Tel +1 905 639-6468 Fax + 1 905 639-4220, .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Summary: The goal of this program is to be the most fun, challenging, and useful learning experience you have ever had.
Duration: 10 days
Prerequisites: yes (see curriculum)
Pre-course Assignment: A pre-course assignment with a due date prior to the beginning of the program. All assignments before and during the program will be marked and contain feedback.
Contents: The LAB Profile will be applied to the following disciplines to create a significant shift in both the participants’ skills and their ability to provide a unique value to their clients and organizations. The following themes will be covered: Leadership, Sales, Customer Service and Advanced Communication Training; Irresistible Presentations; Methodologies for Training the LAB Profile; Keynote Speaking. Consulting: Executive Coaching; Team Building; Corporate Culture Diagnosis; Implementing & Measuring Corporate Change; Job Profiles and Recruiting; Career Profiling; Marketing Research; Communication Design.
Examination: Written and behavioural assessments. On-going feedback to facilitate rapid learning.
Certificate: “Certified LAB Profile Consultant/Trainer” - The certificates can be sealed with a seal of IANLP if they contain the following wording: "This curriculum has been submitted to IANLP - Submission-No."
Qualifications of the teaching faculty: According to curriculum specifications.
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The Barefoot Health Coach©

Country: Belgium and International
School/Company: Ray Wilkins and Cordula Ehms,“THE BAREFOOT SCHOOL© - College of Coaching, Training, Art and Complementary Medecine BCMA“, Alte Schule Weisten, 4791 Burg Reuland, Belgium, .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
Language of training: English
Duration: Minimum of 130 hours of formal course (including assessment) over a period of at least 18 days; facultative supervision: 20 hours individual or group supervision within the duration of the training and/or subsequent to the assessment.
Prerequisites: none
Contents: Basic NLP Practitioner always connected to health contents (perception, reframing, body-language, rapport, outcomes); basic knowledge and practise of other natural healing techniques and more. This training is not an alternative to a normal NLP Practitioner training. It is rather a specialized professional training in Health, using NLP methods and other complementary health techniques.
Examination: Written and behavioral assessments
Certificate: „BAREFOOT HEALTH COACH©“ - The certificates can be sealed with a seal of IANLP if they contain the following wording: "This curriculum has been submitted to IANLP - Submission-No."
Qualifications of the teaching faculty: According to curriculum specifications.


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