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Registered Curricula

Registered Curricula are curricula of adult continuing education trainings by Fellow Member Trainers IANLP. The curricula specify the contents, goals, duration, and design of the trainings.

Registered curricula must meet or surpass the following conditions:

  1. Total training time [1] includes at least 50 contact hours spread over at least 7 days.
  2. Contact hours are either live on-site and/or synchronous online training.
  3. The training focuses on the acquisition of operational competencies.
  4. Acquisition of these competencies is evaluated through appropriate measures, and
  5. being certified by an attestation in writing (certificate).

Sixty percent (60%) of the training time has to be conducted by a Fellow Member Trainer IANLP; 40% of the training time can be led by any other qualified person under the supervision of a Fellow Member Trainer.

[1] Total training time: The total number of contact hours required to complete the training. If there are admission criteria (prerequisites) to participate in the training, those hours shall be counted too.

Certificates for Registered Curricula may be certified with a seal of the IANLP and a unique IANLP Certificate Number if they contain the following wording: "This curriculum has been registered and approved by IANLP – Approval-No. [number]".

If you are a Fellow Member Trainer of the IANLP and would like to register a curriculum, please contact the headoffice via

A one time fee for registration, an annual recurring fee and a fee per unique IANLP Certificate Number are charged.

Copies of Registered Curricula may be requested from IANLP by interested parties.


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