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Certificates: Rules for attaching IANLP seals onto Trainers own standard certificates

Q: Is it ok to just add the seal of the IANLP to our presently isssued certficates? (So far we have been certifying for our country nlp-association.)

A: If a certificate bears a sticker with the logo of the IANLP, then the respective curriculum of the IANLP has to be fulfilled. For each curriculum you will find distinctive definitions about the minimal contents of the certificate. For NLP Practiitoner IANLP,for instance, this curriculum section reads as follows:

Contents of NLP Practitioner Certificates
NLP Practitioner IANLP certificates have to include the following:

  1. A statement that this training was held according to IANLP standards;
  2. Either an orginal sticker seal of the IANLP and/or a digital seal of the IANLP. At least one seal must be shown on certificate;
  3. A statement describing the duration of the training in days and hours;
  4. Date of the first and last day of training;
  5. Date of issuance of certificate;
  6. Name and signature of fellow member trainer IANLP;
  7. Title: NLP Practitioner IANLP;
  8. Unique certificate number obtained from the headquarters of the IANLP.

Hence you have two options:

(1) Firstly to design your certificate in a way that it incorporates the above contents which are required by the IANLP, as well as other contents that are required by other bodys you are certifying for (for instance your country nlp association). If this is the case you may attach the sticker with logo of the IANLP to your certificate.
(2) Alternatively, you have the option to design an additional certficate for the IANLP certification solely. Many trainers choose this option because it provides them with the opportunity to hand over several certificates at the end of the training. Each certificate has a distictive value of its own. - This might also be a valuable marketing measure, since your students will notice that you are a honorable member in good standing of several important nlp bodies. Whereas your competitors in the market might not be in the position to offer this distinction.

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