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Neuro-Linguistic Programming is currently being studied in universities all around the world. Please send us links to new studies. This is an important measure to get NLP the recognition it deserves. The more as scientific community seems to be biased towards NLP. Thank you.

.General NLP research studies and Databases

  • The largest database of NLP articles with over 180 academic paper - abstract on the articles are provided (Click 'Home' and you will be there)
  • Evidence-based Neuro Linguistic Psychotherapy: a Meta-Analysis by Zaharia C, et al. Psychiatr Danub. 2015.
  • The overall mission of the NLP Research and Recognition Project is to support, coordinate, and fund rigorous scientific research in the field of NLP and related intervention strategies.
  • “Mirror Neurons”: The Neuropsychology of NLP Modelling. Validation of transfer of excellence techniques by modern neuro sciences.
  • Wikipedia lists major studies of NLP and highlights the methodological problems when studying effectiveness. And after having read Wikipedia we recommend to read ""The Truth About the NLP Wikipedia Page"" too.
  • Assessing the effectiveness of NLP training
  • An outcome study documenting the effectiveness of NLP
  • NLP-Wiki: English / German
  • EANLPt link to all NLP/NLPt Research bits published in peer reviewed Journals since 1995
  • What is Neurolinguistic Programming, (NLP)? - The development of a grounded theory of NLP within an Action Research Journey. Dr. Bruce Grimley
  • What cognitive psychotherapies - like CBT, NLP and Ericksonian hypnotherapy - reveal about the workings of the mind. A theoretical analysis over 35 years of clinical experimentation. Dr. Lucas Derks




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