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All Fellow Member Trainer IANLP are authorized to certify their trainings with the seal of the IANLP. Only Fellow Member Trainers IANLP who wish to be listed can be found in this member directory. Some members do not wish to be included, hence the directory does not reflect the actual number of IANLP members.

Quality assurance

The IANLP periodically reviews all nlp certification training programs offered by our Fellow Member Trainers IANLP. This assures the public that the stringent training requirements of the IANLP are met and furthermore assures our Fellow Member Trainers IANLP that their fellow colleagues adhere to the same quality training standards, so they can be proud of their association with the IANLP!


The directory lists members in the following order: Countries - Cities – IANLP membership according to seniority

Fellow Member Trainers are listed by their country of residence. If you want to know who is offering trainings in a certain country, you may also want to consult the trainings section.

If you cannot find a Fellow Member Trainer IANLP in the country of your choice (yet) we suggest reading our recommendations on How to find a good nlp-training in the faq's section.

! Fraud Alert !

Not everyone who claims to be associated with the IANLP International Association for Neuro-Linguistic Programming is legitimately connected.

With the success and extensiveness of the Fellow Member Trainers IANLP and the brand name 'IANLP' and its trademark around the planet, numerous people without a solid ethical foundation are falsely claiming to be associated with the IANLP.

Test for Authenticity: How do you find out who’s for real and who is a fraud? Go to and look at the Member’s List. If a person is not listed there, they are not licensed and recognized by the International Association for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. A special warning: The Domain has been monopolised by a person who is promoting low level trainings misusing the good brand name of the IANLP.

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