International Association for
Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Trainings in USA

Gordana Berger
Portrait Gordana Berger Action Management Consulting
  Trainings in: Serbia , Canada , Germany , Croatia , Bosnia-Herzegowina , USA
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Shelle Rose Charvet
Portrait Shelle Rose Charvet Success Strategies
Burlington, ON, Canada

Trainings in English, French and Spanish or interpreted into the local language
  Trainings in: Canada , USA , Mexico , Worldwide (in English)
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Jake Eagle
Portrait Jake Eagle Two Eagles Inc.
Santa Fe
  Trainings in: USA , Japan
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Rachel Hott
Portrait Rachel Hott The NLP Center of New York
New York
  Trainings in: USA
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Steven Leeds
Portrait Steven Leeds The NLP Center of New York
New York
  Trainings in: USA , Switzerland
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Thomas Lo
Portrait Thomas Lo
Hong Kong
  Trainings in: Hong Kong , China , Australia , USA , United Kingdom , England
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Ragini Michaels
Portrait Ragini Michaels Facticity Trainings, Inc.
  Trainings in: USA
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Stephanie Philp
Portrait Stephanie Philp MetaMorphosis Ltd.
NLP Training and Coaching

Stephanie is an NLP Trainer, coach, author & blogger with a deep interest in thinking and behaviour.
  Trainings in: New Zealand , United Kingdom , Portugal , USA , Worldwide (in English)
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Marvin C Sadovsky, PhD
Portrait Marvin Sadovsky Leadership Strategy, LLC
Asheville, NC
  Trainings in: USA , Australia , France
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Slavica Squire
Portrait Slavica Squire NLP-Institut
  Trainings in: Germany , Serbia , Montenegro , Bosnia-Herzegowina , Croatia , Brazil , USA
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José Luis Tadeo Torres
Portrait José Luis Tadeo Torres NeuroAction
Colton, California
  Trainings in: Mexico , USA
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Kathrin M. Wyss
Portrait Kathrin M. Wyss Beachtig CTC Kathrin M. Wyss
  Trainings in: Switzerland , Germany , USA , Worldwide (in English)
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