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Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Trainings in Spain

Carla Alexandra Barbosa Afonso Cerqueira
Portrait Carla Afonso

NLP and Coaching Certifications ¦ Coaching private sessions and Soft skills training ¦ indoor and outdoor, online
  Trainings in: Portugal , Acores (Portugal) , Madeira (Portugal) , Brazil , Spain
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Mayte Galiana Pérez
Portrait Mayte Galiana Pérez PNL +
Barcelona & Alicante
  Trainings in: Spain
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Marcel Genestar
Portrait Marcel Genestar PNL +
Alicante & Barcelona
  Trainings in: Spain , Italy , France , Tunisia
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Gerhard Gigler
Portrait Gerhard Gigler GE INTAKA Regensburg (Integrative Akademie für Bildung und Coaching)
  Trainings in: Germany , Italy , Finland , Spain
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Nuria Sáez Lahoz
Portrait Nuria Sáez Lahoz Escuela InCrescendo
  Trainings in: Spain
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Marija Nemec
Portrait Marija Nemec Global Citizen Education

A trainer in the field of intercultural communication, soft skills and foreign languages in business context.

  Trainings in: Serbia , Austria , Spain , Montenegro
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Javier Paredes
Portrait Javier Paredes PNL Transformacional
  Trainings in: Peru , Colombia , Costa Rica , Mexico , Spain
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Milena Piccoli
Portrait Milena Piccoli Acting & Coaching
Den Haag

NLP & Hypnosis Trainer, ICF PCC level Coach, Specialist in Public Speaking with NLP, Actress (French, Spanish, English)

   Youtube Channel
  Trainings in: Netherlands , Belgium , France , Spain , Colombia , Argentina
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Josep Soler Sala
Portrait Josep Soler Sala Health NLP

Mind Body Connection. My expertise: finding linguistic patterns associated with physical symptoms.
  Trainings in: Spain
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Julián Trullén Torres
Portrait Julián Trullén Torres Escuela InCrescendo

  Trainings in: Spain
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