International Association for
Neuro-Linguistic Programming



Since 1983 IANLP presents NLP training standards known and accepted globally. IANLP functions according to the following principles:

  • Setting standards: IANLP as an organization limits itself to setting standards. IANLP offers neither training, nor memberships, nor is IANLP engaged in any public relations efforts. These latter activities are to be pursued by national and local training institutions. Therefore, IANLP never competes with trainers in their local markets.
  • Reliability: Standards and regulations by IANLP are not based on a consensual decision making model by its members. As a result, we can guarantee that our established standards remain stable.This long-term stability provides trainers with a predictable environment for planning and marketing their activities. Nevertheless, IANLP always welcomes suggestions for changes and improvements by our fellow member trainers.
  • Experience: IANLP standards are based on more than four decades of training experience on all levels and represent the cumulative experience of leading practitioners.
  • Individuality: Upon request, IANLP standards may be slightly modified to reflect differing local needs as long as all minimal requirements are met.
  • Global: IANLP certified standards meet or exceed all accepted standards in use worldwide.
  • Neutral: IANLP as a standard setting entity is neutral in appearance and is therefore acceptable to trainers who have received certification from various training institutions and/or national and international associations.
  • Networking: IANLP supports networking among its fellow member trainers by providing members with contact information of other fellow members. Beyond this, IANLP is not involved in organizing activities. IANLP explicitly encourages the formation of local and regional associations to complement the activities of IANLP.

IANLP fulfills all the requirements for setting worldwide accepted, firmly established standards that are embraced by the global professional nlp community.

Over the course of the past 40 years, the IANLP trade name has come to represent high quality training and IANLP is committed to continously build upon this tradition.


In 2020 the Talking Circle of Associations (TCA) has been formed by four of the most successful International NLP Associations in the world (IANLP, IN-Institutes, ANLP and INLPTA) in service of NLP. as a collaborative, dynamic and generative group. 

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