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The NLP Research and Recognition Project


The Institute for the Advanced Studies of Health (IASH), a not-for-profit NLP organization, has begun THE NLP RESEARCH AND RECOGNITION PROJECT to help the NLP Community gain more recognition and acceptance among therapy and health care professionals. This is an unprecedented opportunity for you to contribute to a project that will sponsor controlled scientific research to gain professional recognition. You can help by forwarding the following letter to those on your mailing list.

The project's executive committee, Robert Dilts, Judith Delozier, Suzi Smith, Tim Hallbom, Dee Kinder and Frank Bourke PhD, are in the process of rolling out the PROJECT and would like your help in getting the word out. The first program, already begun, will be the development of a Hyperlink Library, gathering all the work done to date into a searchable database. The complete list of outcomes is outlined in the Project Action Plan.

A number of individuals and organizations who participated in the 2006 IASH Conference, including NLP Comprehensive, NLPCA, NLPU, NLP NY, Canadian Association of NLP and NLP Mid-West, have already agreed to support the R & R Project and we are inviting all those active in the field to form an intra-supportive network. Be assured that the Project will be run to benefit ALL NLP practitioners, institutes and organizations, and will favor none. Please help us to get started by getting the word out to your organization.

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