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Scientific community biased towards NLP?


Associate Professor Suzanne Henwood explains on facebook about progress so far (April 2017) with publishing her height phobia research in New Zealand: "We ended up having to take NLP out of title because it was getting rejected from medical journals with it in. One review even gave us feed back as because it's NLP it can't work ... no feedback on methodology or results!! We were horrified at our experience of bias in review process. We write about it in Rapport Magazine to try to raise awareness. Hopefully we left it so clear in the actual article to anyone who knew exactly what process we used. Not ideal, but it meant we got it published in a medical journal... And I was very nervous in 15 mins of scripted work where we could not vary or individualise the process we would show no results. As an NLP trainer I was nervous it would say NLP didn't work. So the fact we got results on a scripted version ( which it had to be to be an RCT where we could say exactly what people had as the intervention) was good news in my book. My own results with real clients is in a different league. But this was an attempt to get an RCT not medical practice as it's all they will recognise and the results of effectiveness were good. Much higher than many drug results which get put into main stream practice "

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