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NLP Research & Recognition Project


For too long NLP has been considered second class.  We want to change that with state of the art research, publications and a world-wide public relations campaign!
It's time to get NLP the respect it deserves!

Our support includes over 40 International NLP Institutions, Judith Delozier, Steve and Connirae Andreas, Robert Diltz, Tim Hallbom, Suzi Smith, Paul Tosey, Richard Bolstad, Heidi Heron, Steven Leeds, Rachel Hott and many others.

Based on recent accomplishments, The NLP Research and Recognition Fundraising Committee are kicking off an ambitious fundraising campaign.
We are emailing 110,000 NLP Practitioners world-wide to request a small monthly gift in hopes that dreams of NLP recognition become a reality.

Read more: Flyer (181 Kb)

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