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NLP Leadership Summit - Report on the Alicante 2016 meeting


By Michael Hall

"It will go down as a truly Historical Event in the history of NLP.  I think that expresses the view of all who were there. 

Summits are called from time to time by world leaders.  A problem or issue arises, and an invitation to Leaders of various countries is extended so that world leaders can come together and talk about a shared challenge.  That’s what we are doing.  We are gathering at the Summits to talk about the future of NLP which we all care about and share.

The aim of the Colloquium:  To have the conversations that we need to have.  To have the difficult conversations that, as the leaders in this field, have needed to occur for decades.  Our aim is not to create a new association or a super-association.  It is much more modest: to associate with each other--- get to know and understand and trust each other.  That we accomplished." Read more...

Or enjoy the short video statements by some of the leaders.
Read essay by Secretary General IANLP

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