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NLP International Conference 2018


Empowering NLP Professionals
18-20 May 2018, London, UK

Three Days of Inspirational Topics

The NLP International Conference has been going, in various forms and at various venues for over 20 years.  Over that time, the Conference has welcomed over 20,000 delegates in 15 locations and had hundreds of speakers.

The Association for NLP (ANLP) organises the event. Our aim is to generate awareness and interest in the NLP Community and to motivate everyone within that community to help shape how NLP evolves over the next 20 years.

The Conference is not just a place to come and listen.  It is a place where you can exchange ideas, discuss areas of collaboration and make new business and personal connections.  Many long-standing friendships have been born during the Conference and it is our intention to encourage these feelings of camaraderie and bonhomie whilst giving everyone what they want to see and hear…how NLP is making a difference.

This is all-inclusive.  Whether you are a just-qualified Practitioner in NLP or have been a Master Trainer for 30+ years, all of you have a right to say that you are part of a community that is building a better world.

Can we be even more effective though?  The Conference is an opportunity to find out if there are other techniques we can use in different situations.  Some techniques you will have heard of and others may be new to you.  Some situations will be personal whilst other will be from a business perspective.  All will be valid in the context in which they are given and all can add to your existing toolkit and enhance how you interact with the world.  So we can all add value to the conference and we can all gain too!

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