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Quality Assurance System


IANLP leading the field of high quality NLP providers

Introducing groundbreaking inter-collegiate Quality Assurance System mandatory for all Fellow Member Trainers IANLP (FMT). Promoting professionalism and contributing to the continuous improvement of the services provided by our members.

In order to ensure and promote diversity of NLP trainings across the globe, the guidelines of the IANLP do not provide for any external exams to evaluate student competencies.  Since, in the long run, external examinations do lead to standardization and thus to unwanted aligning of the training designs (the infamous 'teach-to-test' phenomenon).

To sustain creative variety and cultural diversity in seminar design, within the framework of the IANLP it is the Fellow Member Trainers who conduct the examinations.

This emphasizes the importance of the professionalism and quality of the Fellow Member Trainers. After all, they are the ones who develop the training and also evaluate and certify their students' competencies.

These guidelines define the minimum quality assurance measures to be fulfilled by each Fellow Member Trainer of the IANLP (FMT).

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