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Fraud Alert by the NLP Leadership Summit


More and more we are seeing online, short, cheap, quick and inferior courses calling themselves NLP Practitioner Certification. They are not. As an initiative of the NLP Leadership Summit, we wish to share the following message:

“Before you register or complete an online or short course claiming to be an NLP Practitioner Certification, please check to make sure the course is recognized by a National and/or International NLP Association.

Globally, NLP Associations set the standards of content and time so you can be assured that your NLP training meets these standards. The quality of your learning and the quality of the future of NLP requires the adherence to standards, assessment requirements and in-person supervised training.”

And to make the situation even more confusing, IANLP is one of the very few standards asking for a minimum duration of 18 days / 130 hours face-to-face on-site training time. As it has been set by the initiator group of NLP trainers in the 1980-ies and incorporated into the guidelines of the IANLP upon foundation in 1983.

Proud to be IANLP! So folks, if you have graduated under IANLP standards, post 'IANLP' to your site, print 'IANLP' on your business cards.

Be proud to have graduated in NLP under one of the world's most successful yet rigorous and convincing set of guidelines.

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