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EANLPt conference in Marseille, France


34th EANLPt Conference in Marseille (France)
01.- 04. November 2012
"NLPt and the solutions orientated psychotherapies"

The conference will take place 02..-03. november, 01./04. november are scheduled for internal meetings.


Catalin Zaharia "Scientific maps for living territories"
In it's journey toward a scientific status, psychotherpay as other sicences, is required to trace the roots to the accepted theories.
The presentation is going to present the main scientific frames that are used in NLPt.

Rita Malkamäki "Either-or or both-and?"
How much richer can the story be? Who is in the middle?
Do we have enough common or do we need to have?
Values, presuppositions, metods, goals? How does it work in practice?

Peter Schutz "Real efficacy research in NLPt"
The highest level of research are articles, published in Peer Reviews Journals. For NLPt at least 7 can be found.
A metastudy of articles shows good results.

This is a non profit scientific NLPt conference.

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