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EANLPt reaccredited as EWAO


The European Association for Psychotherapy (EAP) represents 128 organisations (30 national umbrella associations, 17 European-wide associations for psychotherapy) from 41 European countries and by that more than 120.000 psychotherapists. Membership is also open for individual psychotherapists.
Based on the "Strasbourg Declaration on Psychotherapy of 1990" the EAP represents high training standards for a scientifically based and stands for a free and independent practice of psychotherapy.

The European Association for Neurolinguistic Psychotherapy (EANLPt) has been reaccredited as an EWAO - European Wide Accrediting Organisation.

To become a European Wide Accrediting Organisation (EWAO) a European Wide Organisation (EWO) has to demonstrate that its training and accrediting process is at or above the level of the European Certificate of Psychotherapy (ECP). In addition to that the modality represented has to be either clearly distinct from any other modality represented by another EWO or represent the largest number of practitioners in this modality. It has to be the only EWAO in this particular modality within the EAP.

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