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Cyber Café - November 6, 2023 - Notes


Every Cyber Cafe will start with an intro. During the first 10 to 30 minutes one of our colleagues will share information, experience and/or insights on changing topics of interest.
Followed by a free exchange in smaller groups (breakout sessions) or in the plenum.

Intro Topic, Cyber Café, November 6, 2023 moderated by Ivan Petrić, Fellow Member Trainer of the IANLP, Croatia, was focussing on

"Fractal coaching with NLP - A framework for coaching with clients

In the 70s, NLP brought about a paradigm change in psychotherapy by shifting attention from content to process.  At the same time, the mathematical genius, Mandelbrot discovered fractals and changed the way we understand the world. For most people, fractals are just beautiful computer-generated graphics but, in reality, they affect every aspect of our lives."

For those of you who could not participate, we have uploaded some notes here.

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