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What Can I Do With a NLP Practitioner Certificate?

Q: Please tell me what can I do with a NLP Practitioner Certificate

A: Since we are neither familiar with your personal education nor with your personal professional background, we are not in the positon to advice you in which private and professional field a training in neuro-linguistic programming will help you realize the most pronounced benefits.

People who learn nlp report that the quality of their daily communication increases dramatically. This is the case both in business and in their personal lives.

Thus it might be that somebody will use nlp in counseling. But many more people utilize the power of neuro-linguistic programming in general business areas, such as management, human resources, sales, marketing and consulting. In addition, we would like to point out that nlp has become an important tool in supervision, coaching and education as well, where professional trainers and teachers design (and reflect) their presentations with the aid of nlp, and supervisors, coaches, consultants and parents enhance their work and relationships with their co-professionals, children and students.

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