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Curricula: Training design

Q: May I incorporate an NLP Practitioner training into my own training design?

A: When issuing certificates, Fellow Member Trainers IANLP are required to assure that the receiving parties have fully met all the requirements of the respective curriculum. However, we also want to emphasize that within the established framework of the curricula, FMT are encouraged to creatively design trainings that fit their particular frame of reference and their particular area of expertise.

One of our FMT exemplifies this tailor-made approach. This particular FMT offers a 3 year post-graduate university program in leadership. In the course of the training all contents of the NLP Practitioner curriculum are covered. At the conclusion of the program, students are offered the opportunity to participate in the written and oral practitioner testing, and if they pass, students receive their IANLP certificates. This certificate is in addition to the post-graduate degree that successful students obtain and is perceived as a valuable bonus in addition to the academic degree. When quizzed, many students report that the opportunity to obtain both the IANLP certificate and the academic degree within one integrated course of study was crucial in their decision making process to enroll in this particular course of training.

Q: Much of what I train isn't directly backed up by notes. Is it necessary to have a written training design?

A: The training standards of the IANLP define the duration and minimal contents of training.

There are absolutely no limitations in regard to the methods and didactical approaches that trainers need to follow. Since its inception, the IANLP has always respected and seeks to encourage diversity in regard to how training is being conducted and how knowledge and skills are taught. Hence, all Fellow Member Trainers are free to develop and design training that convey their very own personal style and approach to teaching nlp. Also, depending on the the cultural context and the legal framework within which they operate, trainers will need to make sure their seminars meet and satisfy local requirements or limitations.

Hence you are absolutely free to conduct your trainings without written notes relating to methods and didactics, if you so desire. The guidelines of the IANLP only require clear and transparent descriptions of your training in all of your marekting channels, so that the public is adequately informed about what they can expect from your seminars. Obviously, other essentials, such as the exact duration of the training in hours and days and the costs of the training should be clearly communicated as well.

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