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Supervision - What is Supervision?

The IANLP defines supervision as follows:

"Supervision is the process of continuous reflection of professional practice. The supervisor helps the supervisee to reflect his/her own attitudes and actions in her/his professional field of activity."

Supervision is not evaluating or assessing the quality of the supervised person. A supervisor has not to be 'better' than the supervised person in the person's field of professional competence. Quite on the contrary. The professional supervisor helps the supervised person by asking the right questions to reflect his/her professional actions and attitudes. Often it is even better for the process of supervision, if the supervisor does not know much about the field of professional competence of the supervisee. This helps to ask open and 'out-of-box' questions.

Sometimes supervision is called 'coaching', 'counseling', 'mentoring' or something else. Intervision is supervision among peers.

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