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E-learning / Online training and Acquiring Verbal/Non-verbal skills

IANLP recognizes the growing popularity of online training and believes that online training can contribute to Practitioners´ knowledge and skill level.

However, NLP training has a set of aims and objectives which need to be pursued in the context of face-to-face training and one-to-one coaching.

In high-quality NLP training, ample time is devoted to provide students with personalized feedback so they can understand behavioral patterns, reflect on their experience, and acquire new patterns.

Also, it is only in the context of a real time, face-to-face environment that trainers and co-students can provide the kind of personalized feedback that will help learners to acquire the presuppositions of NLP on a conscious and unconscious level, which are essential for high-end verbal and non-verbal communicative skills and their overall ability to perform.

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