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E-learning / Online Training

Q: What kind of e-learning and/or online trainings are being offered by Fellow Member Trainers IANLP?

A: We are aware of the fact that some training institutes have begun offering nlp courses based on e-learning activities. The guidelines of the IANLP require that our esteemed members do not offer the common certificates ´NLP Practitioner´, ´NLP Master´, or ´NLP Trainer´ based on e-learning curricula though. When blended teaching is planned, i.e., a combination of face-to-face training and e-learning, then the face-to-face portion must always meet the minimum live training hours set-forth for the various training levels.

Let us be very explicit here: It is not acceptable to offer on-line 'NLP Practitioner' and/or 'NLP Master' and/or 'NLP Trainer' training with the reasoning 'it is ok as long as these trainings do not receive the IANLP certification' !.

Our intention is to hereby protect the quality and the value of these core nlp certificates, as they can only be obtained in live training and under the close scrutiny of a certified Fellow Member Trainer. The true power of the nlp lies not so much in the 'know how' but rather in the 'do how'! To this end, in order to obtain any of these certificates, a clearly stated minimum live training (130 hours and 18 days) must be completed for each level.

However, let there be no doubt, we do encourage and fully embrace the idea of using e-learning technologies, both for additional specialized trainings, or as add-ons to live training of the core curricula described above.

In case a Fellow Member trainer seeks to offer trainings that are based exclusively on e-learning activities and offer certificates for the successful completion of such trainings, s/he needs to name these certificates differently. For example, ´NLP Counselor, ´NLP Consultant´, ´NLP Advisor´, are all suitable alternatives. We encourage our Fellow Member Trainers to come up with unique certificate names that reflect the training offered closely.


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