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Does NLP Training Constitute a State or Federal License for Counseling?

Q: Can an NLP Master Practitioner treat emotional issues or illness without a license in social work, counseling or psychology with the required course work and national exams?
Can an NLP Master Practitioner do work with couples and families for a fee without a license in the mental health area?

A: As an international organization, IANLP sets standards for superior training offered by IANLP Fellow Members worldwide. However, whether a person based on this training is entitled to offer professional services to clients is regulated by the laws of the country in which the professional performs his or her services.

In most countries NLP training by itself does not constitute and does not prepare for a professional state or federal license. Many countries have no laws at all regulating counseling and/or psychology.
It is especially in these countries, that obtaining training from a IANLP Fellow Member distinguishes the acceptance of a NLP-professional in the market place. It also assists the public to differentiate between the high quality of a IANLP certified trainer and those who graduate from such training, from individuals who may have only received substandard training.

To sumarize: When offering professional services to the public It is essential to check with the proper local authorities to determine whether and what kind of prerequisites have to be met for a given professional activity. This is not only the case in the field of counseling psychology, but is also required before engaging in any other professional activity.

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