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Certification/Diploma for Short-term Trainings

Q: In my country, NLP trainers offer many specialized seminars that culminate in granting NLP diplomas. These seminars typically include 30 hours of training which are comprised of basic NLP skills, such as the NLP communication model, submodalities, VAKOG, anchoring, feedback model and basics about goal setting. These seminars are also the basis for continuing with the NLP Practitioner training. What do you think about this approach? Does the IANLP also offer such options?
A: a) The IANLP understands the (marketing) need for offering basic nlp-seminars. In some countries these are called 'Introductory Days', in other countries they are referred to as 'NLP Basics'. Other designations that are equally acceptable by the market place are also in use. The goal is to facilitate the initial step of getting in touch and exploring NLP.
b) From IANLP's point of view, these seminars can be called anything that seems to be appropriate in the market place and does not violate IANLP’s code of ethics.
c) A certificate for any one of these seminars may include the following wording: "This seminar is a part of the NLP Practitioner training according to IANLP curriculum ([url=][/url])". However, it is important to be aware that such certificates may not bear the official sticker seal of the IANLP.
d) In Switzerland, the word 'diploma' is reserved for advanced studies in adult continuing education. To grant diplomas on the basis of a training that only lasts a few days would be considered highly questionable. Hence, looking at the issue from our perspective here in Switzerland, we would certainly highly recommend a designation other than the title 'diploma'. Possibly, in your country 'diploma' stands for some kind of attestation of attendance, in which case it could be used without raising any eyebrows. However, to be on safe ground, we recommend the usage of the designation ‘attestation’ or 'certificate' (if competence evaluation took place at the end of the training) instead of ‘diploma’, as this seems more appropriate in this situation.

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