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Curricula: Out of School Training - What is this?

Q: In the curricula it says: "In addition, individual out of school training of at least 10 full hours of training." Could you give me an example of this please?

A: In addition to the minimum 130 'trainer contact' hours students are expected to undertake, 10 hours of learning focused on NLP outside the training room are required. So 'individual out of school training' in IANLP curricula means that the students might meet outside the training course in peer groups to practice their skills. Individual NLP coaching sessions (student acting as coach or being coached) can also be counted towards these hours. They might also consist of formal training hours or training hours supervised by a NLP trainer or even the Fellow Member Trainer IANLP herself/himself.

By the way: Academic Adult Continuing Education distinguishes between in-school (or curricular) training hours and out-of-school (or extra-curricular) training hours (which are further distinguished between 'guided self learning time' and 'individual self learning time'). Added up, these make up the 'total learning time' which is often stated on certificates. This takes into consideration that learning takes place both inside and outside the classroom as well as in between formal training sessions.

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