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Curricula: Master - Five Coaching Sessions

Q: Master curriculum: The five coaching sessions with the same client. Is this to be outside the classroom? Using NLP often means that coaching is finished in two or three (sometimes even one) session.

A: One of the overall outcomes of an NLP Master training is to enable the student to work with individual clients on their personal growth issues. The aim of this specification is to support the students to work with 'real clients' outside of their training peer group to complete a series of sessions. For many students this might be the first time that they have had the opportunity of working with a 'real' client. These coaching sessions provide many new experiences:

  • organizing the sessions,
  • setting up a coaching contract (written or verbal),
  • asking for payment (even if it is not money),
  • helping the client to focus his/her personal growth issues over an extended period of time,
  • going along with changing needs of the client

So, yes, these 5 coaching sessions should be outside the classroom. How these sessions are to be documented is up to the FMT. Some FMT ask their students to write a reflection on each session and/or discuss these sessions during supervision.

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