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Curricula: The Myth of Quality without Quantity

Agreed: quantity by itself does not necessarily correlate with quality! That goes without saying. What strikes us, however, is that by implication there often follows the logical fallacy that quantity of training hours has absolutely nothing to do with quality! Statements like "It's about quality, not quantity!" throw out the baby with the water in our opinion.

Ueli R. Frischknecht the author of 'The Myth of Quality without Quantity' says: "In the course of my 20 years as Secretary General of the IANLP International Association for Neuro-Linguistic Programming, I have learned to appreciate 'quantity' as a measurable parameter for standards. I would like to share some of my reasoning why there can be no widely accepted training standards without defining quantity measures as well. More specifically, definitions regarding the duration of training (days/hours) are an important parameter within any given educational standard that I will discuss as well."

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