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Complaint / Grievance Procedure

Q: If I have a complaint about my training and/or my trainer. How do I proceed?

A: Check with IANLP website member section to see whether your trainer is a registered Fellow Member Trainer IANLP.

If she/he is NOT registered with us, we unfortunately cannot assist you any further.

If the trainer in question is a Fellow Member Trainer IANLP, you are welcome to submit your grievance to IANLP. Grievances shall be submitted in writing. The adress of the member whose conduct you find objectionable has to be included. Grievances have to be specific. IANLP can only adress grievances if:

a) a FMT is involved, and
ba) a IANLP-curriculum training is involved, or
bb) IANLP-Code of Ethics is involved

Anonymity: Complainants have the option to have their name withheld. In that case, neither the FMT in question nor any other person outside the IANLP will know the identity of the complainant. IANLP office will respect the complainants preference, unless forced to disclose details to authorities in the course of legal proceedings.

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