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Difference between Attestation of Attendance and Certificate

Q: My trainer says that she will give me an attestation of attendance, but no IANLP certificate. What is the difference?

A: We understand that this is not an easy situation to be in. Neither for students, nor for trainers. Students take part in a training with the aim of gaining new skills and to obtain a recognized certificate in the field of neuro-linguistic programming and invest time, effort and money. Now, at the end of the training, of course students would like to see all their efforts rewarded.

When trainers are not able to recognize those new competencies in the behavior and/or mental and/or emotional abilities of a students, they will not issue a certificate.

Indeed, IANLP certificates are not merely an attestation of 'having been in class' but are certificates of competency. If a student does not reach that competency, we require that our Fellow Member Trainers do not issue certficates! This is why certificates with our seals enjoy a high reputation worldwide.

In this situation, our FMT require additional work, offer additional training, stop training, or find whatever solution is appropriate for a particular student.

By handling such situations in a satisfactory fashion, Fellow Member Trainer IANLP demonstrate that they care about the quality of training and the true growth of students, and are not motivated by financial considerations alone.

So we do hope and we are confident that students, together with their Fellow Member Trainer, will find ways on how to meet the training goals and accomplish the necessary additional requirements.

In case this cannot be accomplished, we are nevertheless positive that having trained in nlp students will certainly have gained substantially from the training itself. Even in the case that they will not obtain certification, they will have grown by the experience and will have aquired new tools in communication that they will find personally  beneficial - and that will also have a positive effect on those around them.

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