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Assisting in NLP Practitioner and NLP Master training

In regards to providing opportunities to gather experience in working as assistants to nlp trainers, we want to emphasize that it is entirely up to the individual Fellow Member Trainer IANLP to offer or accept such positions.

An assistant trainer is part of the teaching staff or faculty of the entity providing the training. In our view, the most important obligation of any trainer and any school is towards their students.

NLP is taught in a various ways and methods can vary considerably. Also, cultural aspects play a big role as modes and norms of social interactions vary widely. These factors also hinder the developments of any binding guidelines.

There is also the issue of a match between trainer and assistant. Not every aspiring trainer will match with the personality and style of any given trainer - and it is up to parties themselves to decide whether they can collaborate successfully. For all these reasons the IANLP does not set standards or interferes as the parties involved decide what is best for them.

It is therefore up to the Fellow Member Trainers how they define the activities of their assistants, including defining goals, content, and structure of the assistant's activities in the training. In summary, the IANLP does not provide any guidelines or procedure in regards to the framework of the collaboration between Fellow Member Trainers and assistants.

Many graduates of NLP training that aspire to become nlp teaching trainers themselves will naturally gravitate toward their own trainers when looking for opportunities to gather experience as assistants. However, we encourage aspiring trainers to broaden their horizon and to not miss the opportunity to inquire with trainers of other schools, as this may offer them invaluable learning experiences by broadening their understanding and skill level which in turn may enrich their own trainings, once they become Fellow Member Trainers themselves.

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