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Quality Monitoring

Compliance with the standards is actively monitored and enforced. Our contribution to worldwide high quality and ethically sound NLP.  To take measures and - if necessary - also dismiss members makes the standards valuable and significant. It is the noble duty of the Secretary General to protect the association, its members and the good reputation of the NLP. Read: Annual Action Summary.

An IANLP approved certificate

must contain the following elements:

  1. a statement that the training was held according to IANLP standards
  2. an orginal sticker seal of the IANLP (see below)
  3. a statement describing the duration of the training in days and hours
  4. date of the first and last day of training
  5. date of issue of certificate
  6. Name and signature of fellow member trainer IANLP
  7. Title: 'NLP Practitioner IANLP' or 'NLP Master IANLP' or 'NLP Trainer IANLP'

Procedure for granting equivalency
If you would like to have your nlp certification approved by the IANLP, please contact any Fellow Member Trainer of your choice and ask for post certification of your training. These guidelines apply.

Registered Curricula

are curricula for adult continuing trainings designed by Fellow Member Trainers IANLP. The Curricula specify the contents, goals, duration, design of the training. Registered Curricula meet high quality standards. Copies of Registered Curricula may be requested from IANLP.

The original sticker seal of the IANLP

consists of a foil and is manually attached to the original certificate. The adhesive original seal that is been attached to certificates by a Fellow Member Trainer IANLP is in three colour quality (black, yellow, red). The adhesive original seal (sticker) can be ordered by recognized Fellow Member Trainers IANLP only.


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