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Bulletin 2013-1

In this bulletin:

  1. Introducing new IANLP member forum
  2. New rapport APP for Android phones
  3. NLP-Planet: Webinars and on-line conferences
  4. Expiration date on certificates?

Introducing new IANLP member forum

The continual growth and the increasing recognition that the IANLP has enjoyed in the past few years is only partially the result of our high standards for training and the high ethical standards that we advocate in the course of professional training.

Most fellow members trainers deliberately choose to join the IANLP as it reflects their deep personal and professional commitment to nlp. Hence, the success of the IANLP is also due to a membership that consists of a uniquely motivated and highly accomplished body of individuals.

This high level of motivation has led some members to seek for opportunities to interaction with other fellow member trainers. Therefore, the IANLP is now sponsoring an internet forum that is exclusively open to IANLP members. The forum is hosted at the following website:

Some of the topics may include the following:

  • Collaborate with other members on new teaching projects
  • Share or exchange curricula with other fellow member trainers
  • Discuss the latest NLP techniques and applications
  • Review and recommend literature
  • Organize virtual or live meetings
  • Discuss marketing and other aspects of running your business
  • Get support from experienced members in all aspects of nlp training
  • Have your questions answered by fellow member trainers or IANLP staff

Members interested in participating can register by visiting Members will be required to register with their full name that we have on file. This will allow us to verify eligibility by checking all applications against our database. The registration process will usually be completed within one to two days.

While the IANLP sponsors the forum and members of the IANLP administration may also participate in the forum, this forum is conceived primarily as a room for IANLP fellow member trainers to enjoy. Hence, if any fellow member trainer wishes to increase their participation and would like to serve as forum moderator that manages the day-to-day affairs of the forum as it applies to user contributions and interactions, please contact us.

Members can always contact the forum admin at for any questions they may have. Some glitches are likely to occur initially and we request your patience while we iron out any initial problems as we embark on this journey.

We are looking forward to a lively participation in the new forum!

Ueli R. Frischknecht, Secretary General

Marvin Sadovsky USA (FMT IANLP) created an APP to support rapport skills

I launched an APP for Android Phones. The APP is a 20 min special program which will provide you with the special skills that create rapport and help build relationships. I have pulled the most significant distinctions from a full day program which past attendees have said really helped them the most over the years. This information is a life awareness experience and will help in personal and business engagements.

If you have a desire to become aware of how the subconscious accepts your interaction and would like to show deep respect which produces a good feeling from anyone you communicate with than this may be a resource for you. Let me know your experience with the APP. So far I have been getting thankful reviews.

It does have a slight fee, $9.97. Just go to the Android APP MKT and type in “Relationship Secrets”. Enjoy.

Marvin C Sadovsky, PhD

NLP-Planet Free Webinars

A group around Robert Dilts, Judith DeLozier and Xavier Lee set up the NLP Planet organization. Their aim is to provide high quality online education via live webinars and work with highly accomplished professional trainers who represent knowledge, values, mastery, wisdom, love and positive transformations.
They have just started and the first events are the following:

  1. free webinars with R.Dilts, J.DeLozier, Tim and Kris Hallbom and other great trainers
  2. the first worldwide online NLP conference.

Check out here

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