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Bulletin 2021-2 / Digital Certificates

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> Issuing Digital Certificates
> Clarification of Use Agreement

Digital Certificates - Changes to all Curricula

In order to enable the emission of digital certificates, the following amendments (items 2 and 8) were adopted. These apply to all IANLP curricula.

Contents of an IANLP approved certificate

IANLP certificates may only being issued by a fully licensed Fellow Member Trainer and have to include the following:

(1) a statement that this training was held according to IANLP standards;
(2) either an orginal sticker seal of the IANLP and/or a digital seal of the IANLP. At least one seal must be shown on certificate;
(3) a statement describing the duration of the training in days and hours;
(4) date of the first and last day of training;
(5) date of issuance of certificate;
(6) name and signature of Fellow Member Trainer IANLP;
(7) title (level of certification);
(8) unique certificate number obtained from the headquarters of the IANLP

Fellow Member Trainer IANLP may obtain the following from the headquarters of the IANLP:

(a) Original sticker seals of the IANLP (free of charge)
(b) Digital seal of the IANLP (free of charge)
(c) Distinctive unique certificate numbers in batches of 10 numbers. Each number will be charged and may be used for the issuance of one certificate only.

Transitional provision: Original sticker seals (with printed number) keep their validity and may be used for certificates as before. If you wish so, all purchased original IANLP seals (with printed number) can be exchanged for the new distinctive certificate number at no cost.

For more information please read this document.

Clarification of Use Agreement

Code of Ethics IANLP states "Members IANLP shall ensure that all programs are clearly and accurately described as to organizational structure.."

In more recent times, these requirements have not always been implemented in an exemplary manner. We have taken this as an opportunity to clarify the relevant passages in the Use Agreement.

Updated articles are as follows:

(1) IANLP mentioned
All advertising relating to an IANLP curriculum must comply with the rules of the Code of Ethics.

(2) Public availability of relevant information
In particular, all advertising must mention in writing that the curriculum complies with the guidelines of the IANLP and must provide clear information on (1) total cost of training, (2) names of training personell, (3) complete duration of the training in days and hours as well as (4) on modes/modalities of the training (e.g. face-to-face live on-site, blended, hybrid, synchronous online).
This information has to be publicly available. Without interested parties having to make an explicit contact (phone, email, chat or similar).

(3) Link to Website
In addition to the above, digital advertising (webpage, social media) relating to an IANLP curriculum must provide a weblink to the IANLP website.

Link to Use Agreement for Fellow Member Trainers IANLP


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