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Bulletin 2020-2 / Guidelines Coronavirus

In this Issue

  • Framework Covid-19: Online Training Hours
  • Framework Covid-19: Easy Access Next Level
  • Protection Concept for Coaching with physical contact
  • Protection Concept live on-site Training
  • New Declaration of Trust

Covid-19 Extraordinary Measures

Some Suggested Extraordinary Measures in the Face of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) Epidemic

As this is an absolutely exceptional situation and instructions given by official authorities must be strictly adhered to, the IANLP has designed sample guidelines and extraordinary regulations to deal with the consequencies of the Coronavirus situation.

Framework for Online Training

Extraordinary Measures to Maintain Training Opportunities in the Face of the Corona Virus (Covid-19) Epidemic. 
The IANLP has received several inquiries by Fellow Member Trainers whether the requirements for live, face-to-face training could temporarily be suspended, as maintaining social distance and avoiding groups is now indicated and mandatory in many countries. For a limited period of time these rules apply regarding online training times.

Simplified Entry to subsequent Training Level

During times of official bans on meeting socially which obviously include live on-site training and 12 months thereafter this framework for simplified entry to subsequent training level may be applied.

Protection Concept Coaching and Consulting

Guidelines for conducting Coaching and Consulting in a 1:1 setting with physical contact to the client (kinesthetic anchoring).

Note: The Protection Concept Coaching has to be adapted to your local culture, to the health and legal regulations of your country and to your personal situation. New findings are published continuously by health authorities and scientific community.

Protection Concept live on-site Training

We are working on this concept. Hope to be able to publish by mid May.

Guided by Trust - Our Most Important Asset and Value

In order to maintain our leading position among the standardizing organizations, the IANLP depends on the flawless behavior that warrants trust in the IANLP by each and every Fellow Member Trainer and Coach IANLP worldwide. Upon joining, each member signs the Declaration of Trust.

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