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Bulletin 2020-1

In this Issue

  • Welcome New Members
  • Coronavirus: Framework for Fellow Member Trainers
  • Ethics and Values: New Curricula Content
  • Quest for new Level Designations
Bulletin 2020-1


Bulletin 2020-1 members…

Bulletin 2020-1 the IANLP!

Following new members have joined:

(from top left to bottom right)

Vicky Meshel, Petach - Tikva, Israel
Marc Schmetkamp, Arnsberg, Germany
Sheli Meshel, Petach - Tikva, Israel
Ana Prelic, Zemun - Belgrade, Serbia
Joana Sobreiro, Abóboda, Portugal
Kamilla Motacki, Bydgoszcz, Poland
Judith Warmerdam, Driebergen, The Netherlands
Marianne Verrijt, Nairobi, Kenya
Dragana Ghana Knezevic, Herceg Novi, Montenegro
Tuula Masalin, Hämeenlinna, Suomi (Finland)
Magdalena Toma, Ploiesti, Romania
Maria D´Amico, City Bell, Buenos Aires, Argentina

To contact the new members, please see entry on members directory.

Coronavirus: Framework for Fellow Member Trainers

Extraordinary Measures to Maintain Training Opportunities in the Face of the Corona Virus (Covid-19) Epidemic.

The IANLP has received several inquiries by Fellow Member Trainers whether the requirements for live, face-to-face training could temporarily be suspended, as maintaining social distance and avoiding groups is now indicated and mandatory in many countries.

As this is an absolutely exceptional situation and instructions given by official authorities must be strictly adhered to, the IANLP proposes some guidelines to deal with the consequencies of the Corona Virus situation. All FMTs are invited to consider these guidelines and contribute creative suggestions for improvement.

Ethics and Legal Issues: New Curricula Content

The 'Gold Standards' of the IANLP are a stronghold of quality and ethics within the lamentable situation of a growing number of short, cheap, quick and inferior courses calling themselves NLP certification trainings.

By explicitly including the topic 'Ethics and Legal Issues' into the contents section of every level of training, we take another step in reinforcing high quality NLP trainings.

The Quest is still on: New NLP Training Designations

We welcome your creative contributions! - Anybody is welcome

Join the quest for new NLP level designations: The person who proposed the new level designation that is finally adopted by the IANLP will earn a cash award of Euro 200 each.

 ⇒  Click the links and write as many creative inspirations as you like

for NLP Practitioner
for NLP Master
for NLP Trainer

Anybody is welcome - Send links to friends

This is a long term project. New designations will not replace the existing ones but rather serve to distinguish high level trainings run by Fellow Member Trainers of the IANLP within the broader NLP market.

! Proud to be IANLP !

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