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Bulletin 2019-2

In this Issue:

  • Welcome New Members
  • The Quest for New NLP Training Designations
  • Members Forum - Latest Entries
  • New Workshop Section for Fellow Member Trainers
Bulletin 2019-2


Bulletin 2019-2 members… the IANLP!

Recently following new members have joined the IANLP:

Liesbeth Van Zuiden, Heiloo, The Netherlands
Josep Soler Sala, Barcelona, Espana
Lidia Estrin, Buenos Aires CABA,  Argentina
Yu-Guang Lee, New Taipei City, Taiwan
Tamara Radosavljević, Nis, Serbia
Tatjana Sukara, Banja Luka,  Bosnia-Herzegowina
Renata Jaasma, Amsterdam,  The Netherlands
Alex Vaassen, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Jelena Buzancic Barac, Zagreb, Croatia (no picture)

To contact the new members, please see entry on members page.

The Quest for New NLP Training Designations

The market value of the traditional designations 'NLP Practitioner', 'NLP Master' and 'NLP Trainer' has declined dramatically in recent years.

Today, all types of trainings are offered under these traditional and best known titles. There are so-called 'accelerated' NLP Practitioners which last 12, 7, or even 5 days only. Recently we have seen offers for online 'NLP Practitioner' certification for 10 US$! - Read IANLP's position on Accelerated Trainings here.

Furthermore, in certain countries the title 'Master' will become a protected designation for university degrees only. Therefore some of our colleagues will be prohibited by law from continuing to use the designation 'NLP Master' in forseeable future.

 ⇒  One way to meet this challenge is to create our own new level designations.

As a first step we like to invite all Fellow Member Trainers of the IANLP to collect all and any ideas for new level designations. This is a long term project. New designations will not replace the existing ones but rather serve to distinguish high level trainings run by Fellow Member Trainers of the IANLP within the broader NLP market.

Proud to be IANLP!

Members Forum IANLP

Recent discussions:

> Coach IANLP - How should independent learning activities be documented?
Question: "After live training there are requirements for independent learning activities. How should these be documented?"

> Duration on Certificates: Total Learning Time
Question: "Our NLP Practitioner and NLP Master training do have 149 live training hours each. What is correct to write on certificates?"

> May Graduates use the Seal of the IANLP?
Question: "Are graduates permitted to use the IANLP Seal for advertising?"

Visit the Forum (All Fellow Member Trainers of the IANLP are kindly invited to participate.)

New workshop section on

Recently a new Workshop Section has been created. It is open for free publication to all Fellow Member Trainers of the IANLP.

The workshop section lists...

workshops, trainings, educational activities offered by Fellow Member Trainers IANLP (FMT). The following guidelines apply:

  • 60% or more of the total workshop time is being performed in person by a licensed FMT IANLP.
  • Compliance with Code of Ethics of the IANLP.
  • This is a free and voluntary service offered by the IANLP to all registered FMTs.
  • The offers are not audited by the IANLP and IANLP has no responsibility for the offers.

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