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Bulletin 2017-2

In this bulletin

  • Welcome new members
  • Code of Ethics amended
  • Treatment of Paediatric CFS
  • New IANLP branding logo for graduates
Bulletin 2017-2


Bulletin 2017-2

new members… the IANLP!

Recently following new members have joined the IANLP:

Esra Abay Özkurt, Sisli / Istanbul, Turkey
Jucelito Wainer de Souza, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Azra Bekić, Wien, Austria
Martina Dokic, Beograd, Serbia
Sanja Pesic, Belgrade, Serbia
Ton Verhagen, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Anja Tomić, Belgrade, Serbia

To contact the new members, please see entry on members page.

Code of Ethics amended

Fellow Member Trainer IANLP represent their services in a true and accurate way.

The Code of Ethics of the IANLP has always asked for highest ethical conduct of its Fellow Member Trainers.

Recently it has been brought to our attention that there are some people (no IANLP members), who claim they will heal physical illness by using NLP. To promise healing is no ethical behaviour. Any reputable professional and all IANLP members will sustain from such behaviour.

To make this explicit we have added a line to our Code of Ethics, making a clear distinction, that this is no good conduct. It reads:

"Members will [also] abstain from making any promises in treating and/or healing physical or mental conditions."

Treatment of Paediatric CFS

Scientific study shows NLP to be effective in treatment of children with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) / Myalgic Encephalitis (ME). Read more

New IANLP branding logo for graduates

Bulletin 2017-2

A new logo has been created for use by all IANLP graduates on their marketing material.

The logo is available for download on It is recommended to be used in connection with an entry on IANLP graduate listing.

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