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Bulletin 2016-3

In this bulletin

  • Welcome new members
  • ‘Powered by NLP’ - NLP Leadership Summit 2016
  • Proud to be IANLP
  • NLP with children: What works?
Bulletin 2016-3

Welcome new members…

Bulletin 2016-3 the IANLP

Recently following new members have joined the IANLP:

Darko Cvetkovic, Nis, Serbia
Livia Levinthal de Oliveira Lima, Manaus, Brazil
Javier Paredes Morillo, Lima, Peru
Jose Rivera Talavera, Cidra, Puerto Rico
Susanne Pellegrini, Zurich, Switzerland
Ana Tomovic, Belgrade, Serbia
Peter Dalmeijer, HA ’s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands
Tamara Vlahovic, Beograd, Republica Serbia
Tatjana Sokcic, Belgrade, Serbia

‘Powered by NLP’ - NLP Leadership Summit 2016

Bulletin 2016-3

This free eBook was produced and edited by Joe Cheal on behalf of the NLP Leadership Summit that met in Alicante in January. "Our intention in producing this book was to share the discussions and ideas prompted by our meeting." - “The 38 NLP leaders who gathered in Alicante (Spain) in January 2016 made a decision to record the experience and send it out world-wide. Joe Cheal headed up the project, gathering in all of the documents, editing them, and putting them into a book form. This fits very well for Joe as he has written two NLP books and has edited Acuity magazine (an NLP magazine) for six or more years."

Proud to be IANLP

Bulletin 2016-3

By the way, since becoming an FMT (and more recently a Coach IANLP), I haven't taken the time to share my gratitude towards the IANLP with you. Let's put it in a few words. In my professional life, I have signed a few codes of ethics, most of them being simply boring, and some of them I didn't feel aligned with but had to comply with anyway. The IANLP code of ethics really stands out as an exception. It's the only one I know that starts with a vision regarding human rights, peace and social progress on a global basis. Wow! I feel aligned and proud of being a member of an organization that starts from that place.

Stéphane Witzmann, Fellow Member Trainer and Coach IANLP, Clermont-Ferrand, France

NLP with children: What works?

Dear Friends

Fabiola Escobar is asking this:
“We writting you because we are searching information about the use of NLP in children, and what technics are most successful for them, or some book about that, because we can not find something useful at the moment. I will looking forward for your answer.”

Fabiola Escobar is a Fellow Member Trainer from Chile. So we guess anything either in spanish or in english would be most appreciated.

Please contact: Katherin Moya Valenzuela,,

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