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Bulletin 2013-11

In this bulletin:

  • Welcome new members!
  • Expiration date on certificates?
  • IANLP forum: participants seeking training
  • New NLP Wiki
Bulletin 2013-11

Welcome new members….

Recently following new members have joined the IANLP:
Predrag Jovanovic, Belgrad, Serbia
Luigi Chiodo, Chur, Switzerland
Milly Eppstein-Jannai, Raanana, Israel
Gerrith Will Lassen, Gamle Fredikstad, Norway
George Vittorio Szenészi, Florianopolis, Brazil

Do IANLP approved certificates and seals come with an expiration date?

One of our esteemed members inquired recently whether IANLP approved certificates and seals come with an expiration date. Apparently, other professional associations link the validity of the certificates they issue to an annual membership fee. In contrast IANLP approved certificates and seals document the achievement of a level of mastery at the time of completion. This should not come with an expiration date.

In fact, we believe that the two main reasons for expiration dates on nlp certificates and requiring annual membership fees to extend the validity of such certificates are the following:

  • quality assurance, and
  • financial considerations

Both of these issues have to be dealt with by each Fellow Member Trainer IANLP outside the framework of the IANLP though.

Our members are thus in the position to use this policy to assure potential trainees that their certificates will come with a lifetime validity and with no additional fees required – unlike those of other organizations.

Hence, while individual IANLP members are obviously free to create and introduce their own „membership“ networks for their institutes, as far as the IANLP is concerned, ianlp certificates issued once will not expire and will keep their validity indefinitely.
(published in IANLP forum)

IANLP Forum for Fellow Member Trainers

We strongly recommend all FMT to log into the forum.

On Aug 13, 2013 the following was published:

"We have a request for NLP trainer training in English language. Please add your name to this post if you do offer NLP Trainer training in English that any NLP Master IANLP may join."

New NLP Wiki

A message from our dutch colleague, Jaap Hollander:

"Some American colleagues have set up a wonderful website called 'NLP Wiki'. It has a lot of information on many different aspects of NLP.
Personally I really like the section on '35 Years Revisited: Conceptual Errors in Scientific Inquiry' and the section on 'Supportive References'.
I believe this NLP Wiki deserves our utmost support and I therefore respectfully request of you to link to this Wiki on your own website and to tweet and facebook about it! - With Cordial Greetings - Jaap Hollander"

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